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It's extremely important to have an initial business consultation for us to understand your business and what your software needs and goals are. Whether you are brand new to using a software package, trying to grow with it, moving away from it or just want it to work best for you, we have a solution for that!

QuickBooks certifications | Desktop, Advanced Desktop, Enterprise, Point of Sale, Online, and Advanced Online.

Our Method

We approach Consulting from 6 points:

Procurement and Installation Icon

Procurement and Installation - We will recommend what software we think will work best for you. From there we'll procure it for you and then install it properly on your server/workstations/network. Maybe you installed it yourself or had another person do it for you and its simply not working, we'll fix that. We can also host most software platforms for you.

Setup, Cleanup, and Customization Icon

Setup, Cleanup and Customization - Do you have the software already and only need it setup properly? Maybe your data is an absolute mess and you just need that straightened out. We've got that covered. We'll consult with you on how the software database should be setup and define any settings, customizations or workflows so that you utilize the software package correctly. If things are out of place we'll reorganize it so that you get the reports you are looking for.

Data Migration Icon

Data Migration - Most people starting with a new software package need to get their data into it. Maybe you are needing to create a new data file from data that is in a platform that has many years of history. We'll discuss with you what data needs to be moved over and we'll perform the exports/imports and data cleansing for you.

Product Integration Development Icon

Product Integration and Development - Not every software package comes with the tools you need to run 100% of your business. You may need Manufacturing Software, eCommerce Shopping Carts, CRM software, Remote Access, or Mobile Processing. We can recommend the add-on software that will solve those needs and integrate it properly with your data and workflows. If the software doesn't exist, we'll create it for you!

Training and Support Icon

Training and Support - Every business evolves with time. With that evolution comes changes in business processes as well as staff. Regardless of what drives your business, your staff will need to be properly trained on how to use your software. We will provide remote or onsite training, in a group setting or a one-on-one basis. Ongoing support and training packages are available upon request.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Icon

Accounting and Bookkeeping - Whether you just want someone to do the data entry for you, or you need everything reconciled, we can do as much or as little of the monthly processing as you require. Since we speak the same language, we can act as the liaison with your tax preparer, ensuring that closing entries are posted and financials tie to tax returns. While we don't provide Tax or Audit like your CPA firm, we can prepare and file Sales Tax and process Payroll for you.

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