Data Center Features:
  • Redundant Power
  • N+1 Uninterruptable Power Systems
  • N+1 Redundant Generator System
  • Ability to handle high density power requirements
  • N+1 Cooling
  • Ultrasonic Humidification
  • Multi-Layer Security
  • Early warning VESDA fire detection system
  • Both smoke and high temperature detectors
  • FM-200 fire suppression system
  • Biometric palm scanners at all facility entrances
  • Card access control at all interior and exterior doors
  • 24/7/365 access
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by NOC
  • Digital surveillance cameras with 30 day storage
  • DataTrax facility monitoring of power, HVAC, security and fire, leak and hydrogen detection systems
  • 24x7 On-Site Staffing to Assist with Remote Hands or Installation
Operating Requirements

In order to connect into our servers, you must be running either Windows 8 or Windows 10 (preferred) on your local PC(s) with at least Internet Explorer 9.0 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Newer with Remote Desktop Client for Mac 2.1.

Your Internet connection from your location should be at least a 3 MB download and 1 MB upload speed for 1 ~ 3 users and at least 8 MB Download by 3 MB Upload for 5 or more users. You can check your internet speed at

Your printer must be a "Business" quality type printer, no home or photo printers, and must be no older than 3 years old to guarantee functionality with our Remote Desktop Servers. While some older printers will work without issue, we cannot guarantee their functionality with QuickBooks' newer interfaces.

More About Our Facilities

Certifications: SAS 70 Type II/ SSAE 16 Type II

When an organization is looking to entrust its data and IT support to another firm, they want to be assured that the information is protected in a safe, secure environment managed by knowledgeable IT professionals.

The SAS 70 Type II and the newly established SSAE 16 Type II audits were developed to provide that reassurance to customers.

These audits review and validate the business processes associated with IT activities including:

  • Redundant Power
  • Internal procedures, corporate ethics, and defined workplace codes.
  • Internal monitoring and oversight.
  • Data security and integrity.
  • Physical security.
  • Design, development and change cycles are managed for hardware and software systems.

In mid-2011, the third party SSAE 16 Type II Audit superseded the SAS 70 audit. A Type II audit is conducted by a third party organization to verify that the specified controls have operated effectively over a specified period of time.

TSR Solutions has attained both the SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 Type II certifications, ensuring our customers that their data will be secured in a data center that meets the highest standards in the industry.


Out Of the Box Technology Hosting provides a 100 MB connection for you to access your data. Your connection is only going to be as fast as the Internet is from your local or remote location. Please go to to check out what your Download and Upload speeds are.

Our Servers are racked in the only carrier-neutral data center in Wisconsin, with cross connects from 36 carriers including ATT, Norlight, US Signal, Savvis, MCI, Cogent and others. The TSR Data Center provides Co-location, Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Remote Backup and Managed Services solutions in a highly redundant, secured environment.

Backup Strategy

Out Of The Box Technology hosting utilizes a three layer backup strategy to backup your data.

Layer One: We configure Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy to take Snap Shots of your data at 7 AM, Noon and 6 PM daily. With Volume Shadow Copy you can restore your data by Right Clicking on your data folder(s) and choosing to "Restore Previous Versions".

Layer Two: We configure Storage Craft Shadow Protect to take Continuous Incremental backups of your data every hour from 7 AM to 7 PM Daily. Continuous Incremental Backups allow us to restore data to the last hour should your data have been corrupted and the Volume Shadow Copies are insufficient to continue operations from.

Layer Three: We configure Storage Craft Cloud to upload the Incremental Backups to Storage Craft Servers as they are created so that your data is continually offloaded to offsite storage hourly as the images are taken. This ensures that should a catastrophe happen to our servers or the data center, we can give you access to your data based on the last backup uploaded.

You can always create a QuickBooks Backup on our servers as often as you like and simply Copy and Paste that backup to your local workstation as well.